Providing Vegan certification for pharmaceuticals, healthcare, cosmetics, and food


Vegan Pharma Certificate

Vegan Certificate for therapeutic drugs paves the way towards personalized therapy

Vegan Food Certificate

Vegan food mean that what you eat is clean, pure and conforms to Vegan principles.

Vegan Flavour Certificate

Flavors are mainly natural products that are processed and added to food to enhance its taste and composition.

Vegan Cosmetic Certificate

Allah is Beauty loves Buty

Vegan Chemical Ingredients Certificate

Chemicals are mainly synthetic substances that are produced in large quantities in the laboratory to serve either as building blocks (starting materials), intermediates or end products. They are mainly derivatives of natural products with unique physicochemical properties.

Vegan Certificate

Vegan certification is an important lifestyle for billions of people. It opens an opportunity to create a compatible system for consumers.


The concept of halalopathy has been designed to rationalise the important of Vegan and or other life style. This is the best way to build a compatible system in the body, whereas compatible system leads to more potential and less entropy in the body, this represent the most health state of humans body.